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The World's Most Innovative and Effective Non-Invasive Solution to Knee Pain

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RelievaKnee™ Innovative Knee Support (Pair)

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How RelievaKnee™ Works

The RelievaKnee™ is designed with musculoskeletal support in mind - alleviate strain and pressure on the knee by using carbon spring-loaded technology. They can effectively reduce up to 30 kg (67 lbs) of pressure from the joint. 

This helps to reduce stress on the ligaments, and can increase stability if you have any tears, weaknesses or suffer from arthritis. Many users report feeling lesser pain when wearing the support, and can go about their activities more freely. 

The sizing is adjustable, with velcro straps which allow for any size or shape to fit the RelievaKnee. You can adjust to suit whatever feels most comfortable to you. 

Why Choose RelievaKnee™

 Relieve Joint Pressure: effectively lightens up to 30 kg (67 lbs) of joint pressure from a person’s own weight, providing relief to both tibiofemoral and patellofemoral knee joints.

 Reduce Ligament Stress: The patented spring-loaded technology boosts knee power, reducing knee instability in the anterior, posterior, medial, and lateral ligaments. (ACL/PCL/MCL/LCL)

✔ Stronger Lifting Power: Allows you to lift your knees easier when bending or squatting both legs, providing a noticeable boost when lifting heavy objects.

Work Pain-Free & Longer: Feel the increased power when on the job. Ideally used in professions requiring excessive knee movement such as gardening, construction, delivery service, inspections, mechanic, etc.

Do It Better & Faster: Get the extra support you need while hiking, biking, working out, playing golf, badminton, tennis and many more. The versatility of RelievaKnee™ is endless, improve your game in every facet.

RelievaKnee™ Features

Comfortable: V-shaped open-air design with soft neoprene/nylon blended fabric keeps you cool and comfortable. Can be worn underneath or over clothing.

Easy To Use: Simple two-strap system makes it easy to apply and adjust.

 One Size Fits All: Adjustable to be comfortable no matter your size.

Lightweight: Each support weighs less than 1 pound (.6 kg), making it the lightest support in its class.

Durable: High-tensile carbon steel springs, polycarbonate plates & commercial strength velcro ensure long-lasting performance.

Breathable: Non-slip neoprene mesh sleeves allow air to flow easily.

Odor Resistant: Hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking fabric resists odors and bacteria.

Machine Washable: Easy-to-remove sleeves can be machine washed, air-dry only.

Say goodbye to your knee pain and start using
RelievaKnee™ Today!


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What's in the Box?

2 x RelievaKnee™ Innovative Knee Supports with Adjustable, Breathable Strap

1 x User Manual

What our customers think:

Over 10,000 Customer Reviews Have Been Sent In!

Jennifer K.

Florida, United States

"I was very sceptical when I saw the video, but I took a chance because the reviews looked good. From the second I put the RelievaKnee on, I noticed pain relief in my knee which has caused me trouble for 15 years.

It took a bit of getting used to when wearing it under my clothes each day, but it 100% helped to ease pain, especially when bending down or walking up stairs.

I'm not as active as I used to be, but this gives me hope I can start getting more active! I'd recommend for anyone suffering with knee pain."

Sarah H.

Texas, United States

"My order of RelievaKnee arrived really quickly, and I'm glad I spent some time researching this and chose to buy this one over some others as it definitely works.

I tried getting more active as I got older but have struggled with aching in my knees, especially when I run or go to the gym and do anything involving my legs.

Since wearing this to exercise, I've noticed a massive improvement in my knee pain, with it barely being noticable without any painkillers 95% of the time. 

I couldn't recommend this more!"

Bethany T.

Manchester, United Kingdom

"What can I say? RelievaKnee works!

Mine arrived really quicky, it's massively helped relieve strain on my knees, even more so than painkillers ever have, and it's surprisingly comfortable to wear.

I've recommended it to my friends, and they have just ordered after trying mine."

Gary O.

Perth, Australia

"RelievaKnee is a great product. It does what it says on the tin, and that's what I like most. There's no faffing around, you just put it on, and you feel support immediately.

The spring technology definitely helps you feel lighter on your feet, and has helped me in the gym too, especially when lifting more weight or jogging on the treadmill.

It's helped my tendonitis stay pain free without the need for any painkillers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays that way! Highly recommend."

Money Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy in any way with your purchase we will make it right. At your request we will process a refund or replace the product. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

RelievaKnee™ Innovative Knee Support (Pair)

Original Price: £99.95
With Discount: £39.95

Offer ends Saturday, August 15 at 23:59

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