VivaSlim™ Facial Slimming Strap

VivaSlim™ Facial Slimming Strap

VivaSlim™ Facial Slimming Strap

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The Fastest Way to Remove a Double Chin and Hide Facial Fat from Home

Real Results After Just 1 Use!

Photogenic doesn't have to mean crazy workouts or facial surgery.

The VivaSlim™ Facial Slimming Strap combines a high-quality, easy-to-use, and simple solution to gradually improving your facial structure.

Why do celebrities and models look so good? Facial structure. Their jaw lines, cheek bones and long necks make them look slim and beautiful.

Experience the power of jawline restructuring with a non-invasive, affordable and all-in-one solution.

By using resistance, get ready to experience a visibly improved, slimmer, structured and youthful-looking face.

How To Use

VivaSlim™ couldn't be easier to use! Follow the steps below to start seeing results.

✔ STEP ONE: Unwrap your VivaSlim™ and wrap reasonably tightly around your head, ensuring you cover your jaw, chin and under your jaw.

✔ STEP TWO: The positioning should be comfortable and painless. Loosen the strap if you feel uncomfortable. 

✔ STEP THREE: Wear your VivaSlim™ for around 45-60 minutes, 3 to 4 times per week for best results.

✔ STEP FOUR (RECOMMENDED): Ensure you have a solid exercise routine and a healthy diet to maximise results.

✔ STEP FIVE: Wear your VivaSlim™ when required to maintain the skin elasticity and results.

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